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Living Well Series:

Guided Imagery” by Dr. Richard L. Travis

A valuable addition to your library of Creative Healing books from Dr T’s Living Well Series.

A Guided Imagery is a process where someone is led by a facilitator, or a CD, or cassette or audio file to relax and actually slow down their brain waves. The goal is to get into the “Alpha Brain Wave State,” as that is where we are most suggestible and where healing often has an easier time to take place. This book teaches you the basics of Guided Imagery, while offering many scripts for you to follow to help achieve something wonderful in your life. You will also learn the power of Affirmations in your life and in a Guided Imagery.

“The primary benefit of Guided Imagery is relaxation and peace of mind. Guided Imagery also helps release limiting thoughts and emotions, raises self-esteem, helps us set and meet our goals, helps us gain clarity in our thinking, and enhances physical healing.”

“By learning how to use Guided Imagery, we harness the imagination. We can put the power of the imagination to practical use and begin to have more control over what we attract into our lives.”

***To begin creating more health, happiness, harmony, and prosperity in your life, practice the principles of this Book using the Creative Power of Guided Imagery.

“Guided Imagery”


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Overcoming Anger in Teens and Pre-Teens: A Parent's Guide" by Dr. Richard L. Travis

We live in a complex, fast-paced world with lots of demands placed on us everyday. We often forget that our children are also faced with lots of demands everyday and live in this same fast-paced, complex world.

This book explains why, as adults, and as parents, we should be paying closer attention to our children’s behavior. Many Teens and Pre-Teens are displaying symptoms of Anger, and we aren’t aware of it. This book is your eye-opener! If your child isolates, screams at you, hides, cuts himself, has poor scholastic results, fights with other children, is demanding, or has suffered traumas or losses, then this book will help you.

This book states in clear, concise fashion the causes and symptoms of anger in children. It also explains how this anger untreated can cause health and mental health problems, as well as scholastic and relationship problems. As you read this book you should be able to use this information to get a sense of hope and control back in your life. This can only be done by developing an “Action Plan” using the information contained in this book to aggressively deal with your child’s behavior.

The various types of professional help, including various medications are also included in this book, as these interventions are often necessary.

“Overcoming Anger in Teens and Pre-Teens: A Parent’s Guide”

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Overcoming Drug and Alcohol Problems in Teens and Pre-Teens: A Parent's Guide" by Dr. Richard L. Travis

Teens are suffering under stressors and responsibilities most parents don’t understand. They also have an unconscious need, just as most adults do to “medicate’ that stress. They just don’t have the maturity to know the danger of ‘medicating” with drugs and alcohol.

Are your teens or pre-teens acting differently? Are they pulling away from you and the rest of the family?

This is the book you need to read to understand the powerful dynamic of Drug and Alcohol Abuse in young adults. It is very important to stop drug and alcohol use in your children before it develops into the abuse stage. If you or your parents have suffered from any addictions, then there is a great chance your child will too.

Learn about Interventions. Learn about Prevention Methods. Learn about Treatment Methods. Learn how to be a better Parent

This is a must have book filled with Resources and Knowledge to arm yourself to deal with Drugs and Alcohol in Teens and Pre-Teens.

“Overcoming Drug and Alcohol Problems in Teens and Pre-Teens: A Parent’s Guide”



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Overcoming Obesity in Teens and Pre-Teens: A Parent's Guide" by Dr. Richard L. Travis

Our children need our guidance in almost every aspect of their lives, but we are often too busy or tired to notice subtle changes in them. Weight problems and Obesity are fast becoming a national epidemic in the Western world, and yet our children are leading more sedentary lives, due to the increase in technology. Some schools have cut physical education and health classes, so this leaves it to parents to educate their children about food, and exercise.

Most people don’t know that Obesity untreated leads to serious health and mental health issues. Another interesting fact is that untreated health or mental health issues can lead to obesity. This book addresses both of those facts.

This book points out, clearly and concisely, the many causes of obesity, the possible health and mental health problems associated with obesity, and the professional help that is available. It also clearly points out that overweight children are often impaired socially, emotionally, and academically.

When you finish this book, you should be able to start an “action plan” in your family to help interrupt the shame and heartbreak of obesity.

“Overcoming Obesity in Teens and Pre-Teens: A Parent’s Guide”


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Overcoming Anxiety in Teens and Pre-Teens: A Parent's Guide" by Dr. Richard L. Travis

Anxiety is defined as a feeling of extreme fear, nervousness, uneasiness or worry of impending doom, or an event of undetermined outcome. However, anxiety is not always a pathological process. The same feeling occurs naturally in association with an intense desire to do something.

Every child or teenager experiences some degree of anxiety as part of their normal social and emotional development. Anxiety only becomes a problem when it is prolonged and starts to interfere with the normal expected daily activities of the child or teenager. Normal anxiety responds to comfort and reassurance; this is not true with clinical anxiety.

This book is dedicated to all of those parents who have suffered through temper tantrums, mood swings, shouting matches, pouting, and arguments with their children. You have not failed if your child is depressed or anxious. You have just been given a challenge to create an environment which will help your child conquer this anxiety and grow into healthy adults.


“Overcoming Anxiety in Teens and Pre-Teens: A Parent’s Guide”





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Overcoming Depression in Teens and Pre-Teens: A Parent's Guide" by Dr. Richard L Travis

The treatment modalities for pre-teen and teenager depression require a multi-factorial approach. Cognitive-behavioral therapy in combination with pharmacotherapy is the main-stay treatment option commonly used today for treating depression. While these drugs are effective in treating depression, careful monitoring of the dosage is extremely important, especially in young children. Holistic therapy can be effective in treating “normal depression” and might include: proper diet, exercise, supplements, emotional expression through acting, singing, and writing, etc.

Parents and siblings of depressed children play a very important role in helping these relatives deal with their depression. They need support, concern, care, attention, and reassurance as well as comfort from close family. Depression can occur in a familial pattern causing a string of depressed children and parents in the family. This may be disastrous, and the services of a family mental health professional and perhaps psychiatrist may be needed.

Depression is treatable! The first step is to recognize it. Then develop an “action plan” which includes a professional assessment, if necessary. The best thing a parent can do for their child is to provide a safe environment to get them to talk about their feelings. Never underplay a child’s sadness.

“Overcoming Depression in Teens and Pre-Teens: A Parent’s Guide”



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Overcoming Trauma and Loss in Teens and Pre-Teens: A Parent's Guide" by Dr. Richard L. Travis

Most adults have experienced losses. We may have lost parents, or other family members. We may have lost jobs, or had a divorce, and we remember how difficult it was for us to work through that pain and hurt.

Now think about our children aged 5 to 18 years old and how difficult it must be for them to deal with loss. They don’t have the emotional maturity or life experience to process loss and trauma like we do, and yet we as adults still have a difficult time dealing with trauma and loss.

This book explains the kinds of losses and traumas that our children experience. It also spells out the effects these losses and traumas have on our children, whether physical, emotional, social or academic. Trauma and Loss not treated when experienced can cripple a child’s ability to develop healthy relationships. It can also lead to Anxiety Disorders, Depressive Disorders, Abandonment Issues, or Trust Issues.

We need to be proactive in helping our children recover from the effects of Trauma and Loss. This book outlines several treatment approaches, and can help you develop an action plan with your child. This book is informative, clear, and concise and an absolute must for parents.


“Overcoming Trauma and Loss in Teens and Pre-Teens: A Parent’s Guide”



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Overcoming ADHD in Teens and Pre-Teens: A Parent's Guide" by Dr Richard Travis

This book is for all of the exhausted and frustrated parents, relatives, and educators dealing with the behaviors that just absolutely don’t make sense to you….How can this child not follow these simple directions? How can this child not learn this easy task? Why can’t my child do chores or clean his room?

This book is for you who have asked those questions and hundreds more. What exactly is ADHD? Is it contagious? Can it be fixed? Read on to learn how ADHD is diagnosed, and treated in the most effective ways. There is hope in these pages, and you do actually have the ability to survive a child with ADHD, and both of you grow.

Approximately 4.4 million children, between the ages of 4 and 17, have been diagnosed with ADHD in the United States. ADHD is the abbreviation of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and is on of the most common psychiatric disorders among children. The major groups of symptoms are: 1) Impulsivity, 2) Inattention, and 3) Hyperactivity. This book describes these symptoms at great length. It also tells how the negative results of the symptoms are usually poor scholastic achievement, impaired emotional development, and impaired relationship skills.

Treatment of this disorder is multi-factorial, often using medication and behavioral therapy. Without treatment however, most children with ADHD will have trouble adapting throughout their lives. Justin Timberlake, and other famous people listed at the end of this book have managed to overcome the negative effects of ADHD.

“Overcoming ADHD in Teens and Pre-Teens: A Parent’s Guide”


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Overcoming Self-Esteem Problems in Teens and Pre-Teens: A Parent’s Guide by Dr. Richard L. Travis

Self esteem problemEveryone of us has had a day, a moment or perhaps even a lifetime of being critical of ourselves over something. Perhaps it was or is our nose that we don’t like. Our height? Our weight? Our parents? Our grades? Our voice? Our clothes? Our lack of athletic talent? Our neighborhood?

It just seems to be human nature to be critical of ourselves. This self-criticism coupled with the criticism that exists all around us at school, in the world, and at home can mold us into individuals with low self-esteem. While we occasionally see in the news where people are afraid there may be too much falsely inflated self-esteem in children today, there definitely needs to be more focus on those children and teens with low self-esteem.

This book gives you a view of the many causes of self-esteem problems, the ways we can treat this complex issue, and the possible results of poor self-esteem left untreated. If you apply the skills learned in this book to your family life, with all of your children and even yourself, you will see amazing changes. Low Self-Esteem does not have to continue, if you have the tools to treat it. This book will open your eyes and hearts to what we need to do to help our children and ourselves with this difficult problem.

“Overcoming Self-Esteem Problems in Teens and Pre-Teens: A Parent’s Guide”



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Other Books:

“Gay Men’s Guide to Love and Relationships” by Dr. Richard L. Travis

love and relationshipGay men are entitled to have good, healthy friendships and good, healthy relationships. This book addresses the struggle that gay men have to just find safety in home, employment and relationships. It also focuses on the different needs gay men have, as individuals and as a group.

Gay men have often been perceived as “damaged goods” and therefore often act out in self-abusive ways by choosing inappropriate or unavailable men to date or befriend. This book helps identify personality characteristics or behaviors that get in the way of successful relationships. We all need to take responsibility for what we bring to the relationship, and be totally conscious of what the other man also brings to the relationship.
So this book is about working at being conscious; conscious of our own behavior and needs, and conscious of other’s behavior and needs.
There are also poignant thoughts and quotes of other gay men in successful relationships to those who might benefit by their wisdom and experience. Many suggestions are quoted in this book too, from other gay men as to how to seek out a healthy date or potential partner.
This book will help guide you to look at you and others, to help lead you to the kind of friends and relationships that will enrich your life, and make you thrive and grow.
“Gay Men’s Guide to Love and Relationships”       Current Price = $3.99

  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009XW0QXW               http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B009XW0QXW


“Sexual Identity? Moving from Confusion to Clarity” by Dr. Richard Travis

Sexual identitySexuality is one of the most important and defining aspects of our lives. The human experience of sexuality not only involves the aim of procreation, but has several other functions as well. Sexuality can strengthen and deepen a relationship; can serve as a method to relieve tension; is widely seen as a way of self-expression; and not to minimize it, it is usually a joyful activity.

Humans have a far more complex sexuality than any other species. This kind of complexity broadens the opportunities to have more fun and derive more pleasure from sexual activities, but it is also a source of problems associated with desires, wishes and actions associated with sex.

In this book, we examine a less positive aspect of human sexuality; the sexual problems, pain, and confusion of teenagers. This age is traditionally the time for building identity in human development, and sexuality is seen as an integral part of this process. Although the available sources of information seem to be almost infinite, finding the appropriate way for any individual is probably harder than ever.

In this book you will find some interesting input from men and women who have suffered and/endured the process of sexual confusion and share their stories. There is no need for any teenager to feel alone and isolated in today’s technological and socially connected world. So while there may be pain in adolescence, there is hope and wisdom from your peers and your elders readily available to you.

Sexual Identity? Teens Moving from Confusion to Clarity by Dr. Richard L. Travis:    Current Price=$3.99

http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00DSSV0Z0           http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DSSV0Z0




The Traveling Parent by Richard Parnicki

Travelling parentThe reward of having a career or job that has you working away from home can give your family a better life. That statement is probably a surprise to most who read it, but please read on.

We see the traditional family model changing to accommodate a global economy that often requires a parent to work away from home. Mergers, corporate downsizing and demands for professional workers in developing markets often cause a parent to have to live in another town, or even the other side of the world for extended periods of time. Many of us once thought lengthened travel was limited to soldiers, sailors and salespeople. Working away from home has become more commonplace in many other vocations. The goal of this book is to help keep you a part of your family, even when distance seems like it could draw you apart. This book was written to help you build and keep a better relationship with your children while on the road and at home.

Living on the road has challenges and being a parent is the toughest of them all. The following suggestions and stories come from other perpetual travelers and myself. They are mostly written in the first person tense with the goal of helping other traveling parents build solid relationships with their children. While most people’s work and family situation is unique, as you read through this book, you might find that the suggestions offered meet your particular circumstance. If it does not, then hopefully the ideas you are about to read will inspire you to develop a plan of your own.

Whether you are a Airline Pilot who flies three-day trips, or a contractor on one year assignments, small investments in time and money will go a long way to improve your family life. Remember that it is not the amount of time we spend with our family, but the quality that counts…

Current Price: $3.99

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Tech Etiquette: OMG” by Dr. Richard L. Travis


tech etiquetteCan you operate successfully in this new technological world? Do people always understand the message that you are trying to get across? Have you posted pictures which you regret? Do you get nasty looks sent your way while you are talking or texting on your cell phone? Do you know the proper way to send emails for business vs. personal?
We live in a technological world where people stand in line for hours waiting to purchase the newest I-Phones or I-Pads. People are busy texting in their cars, on public transportation, and even walking on the sidewalk. No one sits in an office waiting for an appointment anymore without being totally immersed in their smart phone or tablet.

Communication has become so technologically based, that some experts believe there is a decline in social skills, especially among younger people. There are certain ways that we need to learn how to communicate using technology that gets our message across clearly, and is not misinterpreted.

This book addresses how we communicate via text, email, phone, video chat, tweet, or using any social network. There are more and more people finding that they have insulted someone, or that their message was misinterpreted. This book is filled with Tips and guidelines to help improve your communication skills, while whisking through the technological world.

Check out the complete Social Media Directory Listed at the end of the book, complete with each one’s purpose.
“Tech Etiquette: OMG”  by Dr. Richard L. Travis        Current Price = $ 2.99
http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008J4GCQK       http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008J4GCQK


Fiction Books:

“Winged Lion of Babylon” by T. L. Richards

Lion and BabilonFirst Lieutenant Marc Lucas is a very skilled Special Ops Ranger. He has a special interest in Middle Eastern history and is amazed to come face to face with the legendary Goddess of Ishtar. Her gift to him changes his life, and adds a little romance and eroticism to his covert military action seeking Osama Bin Laden.

“First Lieutenant Marc Lucas rode bouncing in the right front seat of the Humvee, a military map in his hand. He was delivering Intelligence Reports from the Third Ranger Battalion S-2 (Intelligence) to the 711th Signal Battalion for secure transmission to Washington, DC.”

“Marc was something of a history buff and the idea of driving up the Processional Way through the Ishtar Gate filled him with awe.”…..”He felt soft, small hands stroking his chest and his flanks. They were getting uncomfortably close to his exposed midsection and he moved his hands to the awakening symbol of his gender for modesty’s sake.”

“The order to execute came and the aircraft were pushed from the hangars…in minutes they were in the air flying nap of the earth, beneath radar.”

Do you like a good adventure, a little eroticism, and lots of military covert action? Then this is the book for you!!! Follow the adventure of Lt. Marc Lucas as he receives and uses the Gift of Ishtar.

“Winged Lion of Babylon”—fiction, fantasy, adventure:      Current Price = $ 2.99

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008WSXPRC           http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008WSXPRC

Addiction Series:

“Addicted Nurses: Healing the Caregiver” by Dr. Richard L. Travis

Nurses touch all of our lives with their skills, compassion, time, and energy. They are the ones that spend the time with us explaining what the physician didn’t take the time to tell us. They are the ones we see and get to know, even better than our personal physicians. They are called “angels” and healers. They are truly the caretakers of our health and the gateway to our healthcare system..

Nurses however, are humans too. They work hard in an occupation that is filled with stress and great responsibility. They have families and responsibilities like everyone else. And now it seems, that we have found that nurses have the same addictive behavior as the public. Yes, approximately 10% of all nurses are abusing drugs or alcohol, just like the public sector. That means that one out of ten nurses are probably impaired some of the time they are taking care of us. They are “medicating” their stressors the same way the general public does.

This book explains addiction and drug abuse, the types of drugs commonly abused, their effects, and the physical symptoms someone exhibits when using them. It also gives guidance in how to help the impaired nurse, what programs or treatments are available and the success rates. There are many resources available to the impaired nurse. This book just may be the eye-opener that an impaired nurse or the friend, family or co-worker of an impaired nurse needs to create a wonderful opportunity for change. Change is needed to help, and support the impaired nurses in our workforce.



Current Price = $3.99

"Addicted Physicians: Healing the Healer" by Dr. Richard L. Travis

Physicians are among the most educated people in our workforce. They have complex and demanding careers. They focus most of their energy on problem-solving, yet it is usually only solving other people’s problems. Seldom does a physician have a place to discuss a difficult case or patient. There seems to be no support group for physicians. So physicians, like every other person on this planet experience stress. Some know how to deal with stress and live happy, healthy lifestyles. Unfortunately there are a few who don’t manage stress well and slip into learning ways of “medicating” their stress. Due to the easy access to drugs, substance abuse tends to be one of the ways 10 to 12 percent of all physicians “medicate.” There is an international Physician’s Recovery Group–https://www.idaa.org/. This may be a place to find peers to connect with and not feel so isolated in your recovery.

As this book suggests, addiction is a very complex and difficult issue. A variety of factors are associated with addictive problems, and the understanding of such issues represents the first step on the road to avoid addiction, or to recover from them. Physicians are in a special situation when considering addictions.

Physicians are not more likely to develop an addiction than the general population, but their roles in the health care system indicate that addictions among them represent a far greater risk. This book demonstrated the most commonly abused substances, their effects on the brain functioning, physiology and psychological characteristics of the abuser.

The most important message of this book is that although addictions can represent a risk and endanger patients and health care careers, timely interventions, adequate treatment methods, and long-term monitoring can allow physicians to fight their demons and come back stronger to continue their careers. The author emphasizes that success over substance abuse is possible. Physicians are far too valuable to be lost to addictions.



Current Price=$3.99

"Addicted Pilots: Flight Plan for Recovery" by Dr. Richard L. Travis

Pilots are among the most educated people in our workforce. They have complex and demanding careers. They focus most of their energy on managing a multi-million dollar piece of equipment traveling through the air, and making the passengers’ flight to their destination as comfortable as possible. Seldom does a pilot have a place to discuss a difficult flight or crew interaction. There seems to be no support group for pilots. So pilots, like every other person on this planet experience stress. Some know how to deal with stress and live happy, healthy lifestyles.

Unfortunately there are a few who don’t manage stress well and slip into learning ways of “medicating” their stress. Due to the easy access to alcohol, and in some countries prescription drugs, substance abuse tends to be one of the ways 10 to 12 percent of all pilots “medicate.” There are 12 Step meetings across the country and the world to attend, and even some that are closed to only Pilots–Birds of a Feather meetings. This may be a place to find peers to connect with and not feel so isolated in your recovery.

As this book suggests, addiction is a very complex and difficult issue. A variety of factors are associated with addictive problems, and the understanding of such issues represents the first step on the road to avoid addiction, or to recover from them. Pilots are in a special situation when considering addictions.

Pilots are not more likely to develop an addiction than the general population, but their roles in providing safe transportation to millions of people, while flying a metal tube through the air is stressful. This book demonstrated the most commonly abused substances, their effects on the brain functioning, physiology and psychological characteristics of the abuser.

The most important message of this book is that although addictions can represent a risk and endanger patients and health care careers, timely interventions, adequate treatment methods, and long-term monitoring can allow pilots to fight their demons and come back stronger to continue their careers. The author emphasizes that success over substance abuse is possible. Pilots are far too valuable to be lost to addictions.



Current Price=$3.99

ISBN-13: 978-1500739812

ISBN-10: 1500739812

“Addicted Pharmacists: Healing the "Medicine Man" " by Dr. Richard L. Travis

Healthcare professionals are usually working in very stressful workplaces. Those of us who don’t have an inside view of the workplaces of these pharmacists, physicians, nurses, etc. don’t really have an understanding of the stressors involved in their careers. Besides working long hours, a high level of responsibility, skipping meals, and having few breaks, public and corporate scrutiny are taking a toll on the emotional and physical health of these healthcare professionals. Now the insurance companies have added much more stress by dictating the need for paperwork, referrals and reports at a much higher level than before.

Pharmacists are not much different than the regular population when it comes to handling stress. The only difference is that pharmacists have at their disposal a myriad of stress relieving medications, most of which are highly addictive. Studies show that approximately 11 to 15 percent of pharmacists are faced with alcohol or drug dependency problems at some time in their careers.

Some pharmacists may have come into the field with a predisposition to addiction. They also may be reacting to the stress of their careers by “medicating” with drugs or non-prescribed medications. They also have easy access to medications and the knowledge of how each one works. Pharmacists caught illegally selling medications face an instant license revocation. Those who have been found to be abusing drugs or alcohol have a second chance, by going to rehab and attending a 5 year monitoring program. There is hope for recovery and a healthy future.



Current Price=$3.99

Addiction in the LGBTQ Community by Dr. Richard L. Travis

Substance abuse in the LGBTQ community is a serious problem. Whether it is caused or related to genetic predisposition, socialization in bars, covering up or medicating guilt or shame induced by exposure to homophobia, or the pressures of hiding one’s sexuality, (or combinations of these) the addiction rates are shockingly higher among the LGBTQ community than the heterosexual community.

In larger cities there are substance abuse treatment centers that do have a special focus on the LGBTQ community. There are even “clubhouses” that are either entirely, or almost entirely focused on LGBTQ AA, NA, CMA, ALANON, etc. 12-Step Meetings. These places make for a safe recovery setting for some of this community. The problem is that not all members of the LGBTQ community have access to these “friendly” places.

This book can open your eyes to the problem of substance abuse, whether you are in the LGBTQ community or know someone who is. There is no cure to this problem. There is only the awareness that substance abuse exists, and needs to be treated. There may be prevention methods or approaches available, but the person must want to be actively involved in the betterment of himself/herself. Good self-esteem, self-acceptance, and healthy emotional expression are the root of a healthy approach to life, and could interrupt the potential of substance abuse.

People need to be more accepting, and homophobia must be faced and accepted for what it is, and not internalized, if the LGBTQ community is to continue to make progress in treating substance abuse. It is encouraging to see more community centers in the LGBTQ community offer various activities that have nothing to do with alcohol or drug use.



Current Price=$3.99




Validation Addiction: "Please Make Me Feel Worthy” by Dr. Richard L. Travis

Seeking validation is a natural and normal part of human behavior. We seek to be validated on what we say, and do, and even how we appear. Children can experience having healthy validation at home and school, or they can have a lack of validation, or even experience being invalidated. The way a child was raised has a huge impact on how he or she seeks validation as an adult.

Seeking validation as a young adult or as an adult becomes obsessive when the validation-seeking behavior becomes unconscious and has a pattern, and perhaps a repetition, which may have some negative consequences. The author has labeled that behavior Validation Addiction.

The unconscious need for validation in a compulsive or addictive way could have serious consequences on relationships, and careers. Some people who act out this way are masking depression or anxiety, or perhaps have developed this addictive behavior in lieu of alcohol, which may have been a problem in the family of origin.

Treatment for this condition will only begin when the person recognizes there is a problem. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and perhaps medication with an approved anti-depressant are suggested methods to reduce the occurrence of this behavior and hopefully replace it with a more appropriate behavior.

Price = $3.99